Wednesday, November 5, 2008

7 facts about me (Caroll tagged me)

1. I was born in NH, grew up in Illinois, and have lived in NH the last 38 years. My older daughter has done just the opposite from me.
2. When I was little I could fly down the stairs. I remember the sensation of taking off on the top step and only touching down once or twice before the bottom. I guess I should tell you that my father often gave me a ride on his shoulders when we descended, so I'm sure this fed my imagination.
3. I began having severe migraines when I was 9 and reactions to chemicals, perfumes, smoke, fossil fuels, etc when I was in my 30's. These are things that I constantly have to battle. I am still trying to get my migraines under control.
4. I love cats! I have three with international names--Katze, Minou, and Gatinha (Portugeuse).
5. I have a room full of crafty projects I enjoy--beading, quilting, weaving, bookmaking, knitting, felting. Right now beading and weaving are winning my attention.
6. I am an early riser, anytime between 3:30 and 5am. This is my favorite time to read.
7. A friend and I get together at least once a month for an afternoon of Quiddler and Rummikub.


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